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Our Memberships start from 11 years upwards.

TLT Membership Options

TLT offers the following memberships. Please find the one that meets your needs.

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Direct Debit

 Membership prices:

£10 start-up fee payable at point of sale

 Membership benefits:

  • Access to three TLT centres
  • Multi-gym Access
  • Access to all Fitness Classes
  • Health Suite Access
  • Unlimited Public Swims
  • 8 Day Advance Booking
  • 50% off Racquet Sports

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Great Value


Pay up front for 12 months and get two months FREE!

£10 start up fee payable at point of sale

 Membership price:

Membership benefits:

  • Access to three TLT centres
  • Multi-gym Access
  • Access to all Fitness Classes
  • Aquatic Fitness Classes
  • Unlimited Public Swims
  • 8 Day Advance Booking
  • 50% off Racquet Sports
No contract commitment

Monthly Card

 Membership prices:

 Membership benefits:

  • Access to three TLT centres
  • Multi-gym Access
  • Access to all Fitness Classes
  • Unlimited Public Swims
  • 7 Day Advance Booking

Junior Membership

Our Junior Membership is suitable for 11-16 years and is a great offer for active teenagers who want to develop and strive towards their fitness goals. 

They will get unlimited access to our fitness facilities in both Cwmbran Stadium and Pontypool Active Living Centre.

Young adults are able to train in the Gym without a parent present but there are restrictions to equipment usage:

  • 11-13 year olds can use cardiovascular machines and bodyweight exercises only
  • 14-15 year olds are allowed to use the resistance machines and access to selected Group Exercise classes
  • 16 years + have no restrictions with the equipment and can access all Group Exercise classes.

The card also includes access to Public Swims and the Running Track.

The Induction is included in the price of the card, and a parent/guardian will need to attend.

Pay as you go

You can attend all of our activities on a pay as you go basis, these are priced below:




Personalised Fitness

Our programmes are the best way to track your progress and further enhance your fitness experience and are included in all our direct debit and annual memberships

Our qualified fitness instructors will tailor your programme to meet your specific needs, whether it’s your first time in the gym and you are looking for encouragement or support or you’re an athlete aiming to reach your next personal best, we can write a programme that is going to help you achieve your goals.

Your programme can be reviewed frequently throughout the life of your membership to ensure you are progressing and varying your workouts to keep you motivated. 

Programme benefits:

  • Goal Setting
  • Programme Reviews
  • Ongoing Support

Talented Athlete Scheme

Supporting local Athletes on their sports journey!

We are passionate about the development of the people who live within the Borough of Torfaen, and we are delighted to be able to support our Elite residents with our Talented Athlete membership. The aim of this membership is to provide inclusive support and encouragement to Torfaen’s leading talented and elite sports performers, by offering free access to leisure and sports facilities for personal training and development.


Sports performers who reside within Torfaen. Those eligible will be placed within four categories:

  1. World Class Performer
  2. Elite Cymru
  3. Member of a National Team or Squad as specified through a list provided by Sport Wales.
  4. Ranked within the top 5 for Welsh and/or top 10 for GB (age group performance level for their discipline)

To apply, please complete the online form below – please note, that all applications are subject to approval by Torfaen Leisure Trust;

General Enquiries

Please fill the form below


Operational Guidelines:

Each Talented Athlete Member will be entitled to use the facilities at both Cwmbran Stadium and Pontypool Active Living Centre during membership of the scheme.

Membership of the scheme is renewable annually pending continued sports performance at a national level and/or improvement is shown at each discipline.

In return for the benefits members obtain from their free use of facilities, they must provide regular updates on their progress.

All social media should include a tag to TLT:

Membership to this scheme can be withdrawn without notice if this is not adhered to.

Corporate Memberships

Opt for a health and wellness plan that enhances your business savings.


Is lost per employee to sick days annually, amounting to a staggering £32 billion each year for UK businesses.


Drop in sick leave observed with physically active employees, highlighting the benefits of exercise in the workplace.


Decrease in staff turnover rates observed when companies implement a fitness programme, proving its positive impact on employee retention.

Snowsport Torfaen Membership

Experience the thrill of Snowsport Torfaen with our flexible membership options.

Pay monthly up to 31st May 2024 commencing from date of first payment.


  1. Free Open Practice any time as advertised – adults and children.
  2. Free Getting Ready to Race – children.
  3. Free After School skiing sessions – children.
  4. Free Adult Racing – adult.

For information on session times, programme descriptions, and pricing, please click here.

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Please see our Health Commitment Statement and Terms and Conditions for our memberships.

Please note that all Memberships are non-refundable.

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