Changes to Terms & Conditions for Group Exercise Bookings

These will take effect from 1st October 2017

  • You can book your classes the usual way; at the Centre, on the phone or via our Mobile App.
  • This means that as long as you have your leisure card with you and have pre-booked, you can fast track through Reception avoiding queues before your class.
  • If you have not pre-booked the class then you will have to book at Reception on arrival.
  • Please arrive for your class with plenty of time to park and get into the Centre. If you arrive more than 5 minutes after the class we will refuse admission as you will have missed the warm up for the class and this is a vital part of your exercise.
  • It is VERY IMPORTANT to confirm your attendance in the class via the class register, which will be taken by the Instructor. Please ensure you mark yourself as attended to avoid additional costs being applied to your account.


CANCELLATION CHARGES (for all members and pay as you go)

In order to ensure that the attendance at our group exercise classes is fully reflected in our usage and due to an increase in 'no shows' and late cancellations which have resulted in numerous customer complaints, we have been left with no alternative than to introduce a new cancellation policy;

  • You will be able to cancel your class in the Centre, by telephone or via the Mobile App. All cancellations require a minimum of 1 hour notice to allow time for us to re-book your space from the waiting list.
  • Any cancellations received with less than 1 hour notice and any 'no shows' will be charged £4.30. These will be dealt with on a case by case basis. The Bookings Team will be able to waive the charge in extenuating circumstances. This will be monitored closely and customers who regularly fail to inform us prior to 1 hour before the class or fail to attend will be charged. Bookings Hotline number: 01633 627100.
  • This amount will need to be paid at Reception or via telephone to the Bookings Team. Until this amount is cleared ALL bookings will be chargeable.
  • The Reception Team DO NOT have discretion to waive these charges.
  • It is VERY IMPORTANT that your attendance is recorded for each class. If the attendance is not recorded by completing registration at the class, this will automatically be recorded as a 'no show' and a charge will be generated.
  • Any disputes will be dealt with formally by emailing; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and these will be investigated by our Health & Fitness Manager.